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Auto-EOT Times Manually / Future IPNs

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Auto-EOT Times Manually / Future IPNs

Postby Jason Caldwell » March 6th, 2011, 3:32 pm

I just received this via email and decided to respond in the forums.
We are using s2Member Pro in our site. We need to confirm one thing about the Automatic EOT time setting. We know that, we can force certain Members to expire automatically, at a time that we specify in the Automatic EOT time field in edit user page. But I want to know that by setting Automatic EOT time can we extend the membership term period?

When you set an Auto-EOT Time manually with s2Member ( i.e. in your Dashboard ), s2Member will obey. In other words, s2Member will always obey the Auto-EOT time that you've set, even if your Customer is tied to a Recurring Subscription where future Notifications might be received by s2Member from your Payment Gateway. Possibly related to a cancellation or expiration, which would normally cause s2Member to set an EOT Time of it's own. In cases where you have already set an EOT-Time manually, s2Member will do nothing, and instead obey what you already configured. So yes, is the answer to this question. You CAN extend the membership period by setting an Auto-EOT Time manually.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule.
s2Member will NOT obey your Auto-EOT Time, if:
  • You configure s2Member's EOT Behavior to ALWAYS trigger an immediate EOT for Refunds/Reversals. See: s2Member -> PayPal Options -> EOT Behavior.
    This would only affect s2Member's behavior in those two special cases.
  • The Customer makes a purchase ( possibly upgrades their Subscription ), where s2Member needs to re-configure access for the Customer; and therefore, it will reset any existing EOT Times.
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