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The Quickest Way To Get Answers!

PostPosted: October 27th, 2010, 2:56 am
by Jason Caldwell
s2Member is growing into a very popular plugin for WordPress.
Since s2Member is a membership management system with lots of flexibility; there are MANY questions, comments and suggestions submitted through our forums. Many of these questions have already been answered in different ways. Therefore, we suggest running a few searches ( top right ) before you submit a new question to the community. Or watch the video tutorials.

Also, please take a look at these Common Questions/Problems/Tips.
If you're a developer, you might find the s2Member Codex to be helpful.

---- The Quickest Way To Get Answers ----
* If you're going to submit a new question, please try to assist the community by helping someone else in the forum ( either before or after your submission ). All Users are encouraged to provide assistance whenever possible. The more questions you help us answer, the less time it will take for someone to address your concern. Please feel free to skip over questions that you cannot answer. If you find a question you CAN answer, that's great! Otherwise, leave it for someone else.

---- How will you know which Posts are unanswered? ----
The easiest way is just to look for Posts in the list with (0) replies.

Users who display a high level of understanding in their helpful responses will also be rewarded with an s2Member Pro coupon, along with an increased Forum Rank/Icon, to: Experienced User.