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Member Reports?

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Member Reports?

Postby dskallman » February 8th, 2011, 5:38 pm


Is there a way to generate custom member reports, that includes custom profile fields and login tracking? If not, is this something that will be added, maybe to the Pro version?


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Re: Member Reports?

Postby rguptaca » January 28th, 2012, 4:12 pm

No response?
I need this as well. When I export my users to CSV I get a cryptic string.

I am working on a web site for a non profit volunteer organization. I myself am a volunteer. I can write a formula to extract what I need in excel but this is not user friendly. =MID(AK2, SEARCH("LeadH",AK2), 5)

We need to be able to export user information to excel so that we can extract data such a list of people who will volunteer for trail maintenance or a list of members in a certain postal code, or just simply get member's address and print address labels using MS Word mail merge.

Does anyone have any hints on the SQL code that I can use to exrtact data? I have the Exports and Reports By Scott Kingsley Clark which will generate custome reports but unfortunately while I can hack from examples I don't know SQL.

I need
first name
last name
membership level
s2member EOT
s2member custom fields such as the volunteer one in the example above and address fields.
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Re: Member Reports?

Postby Raam Dev » January 31st, 2012, 5:40 pm

Unfortunately the only way to output that data in the format you want is to create a script that queries the database and assembles the data in your preferred format. You might look here for a programmer that can help with this: s2Member Install Help / Projects / Custom Coding viewtopic.php?t=4158
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