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Registration for existing PayPal members

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Registration for existing PayPal members

Postby cableghost » May 5th, 2010, 5:56 pm

First of all, great plugin!

Pardon if I have missed this option...

I have subscriptions (via PayPal) on my site and would like the ability to have 'members only' pages available only to those who have already subscribed. As I see it, the members only option using s2Member requires the visitor to make a pmt via PP to enter protected page. Again, pardon if I have missed a step or three.

Is there some sort of option to add to the members page, which I create, that allows them to simply register with their paypal email, or something to that affect?

On a tangent...what if the visitor/subscriber makes a non-PP user pmt via PP (just uses CC)...this user would have no PP email address.

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Re: Registration for existing PayPal members

Postby Jason Caldwell » May 6th, 2010, 9:35 pm

Hi Scott. Thanks for writing in.
As I see it, the members only option using s2Member requires the visitor to make a pmt via PP to enter protected page.

Yes, but you can also upgrade existing WordPress Users to one of the s2Member Roles. Go to WordPress Dashboard -> Users. You can use the bulk editing tools to modify many accounts all at once. This allows you to upgrade existing Users, by converting them to Members, at a specific Level of your choosing. There will be no payments associated if you do this however. This would be a free upgrade.

If you want to charge them, you'll need to generate a PayPal Button using s2Member's Button Generator. Then have them click your PayPal Button while they are logged in. This will upgrade their existing User account, by converting it to a Member account that is tied to a PayPal Subscription.

I hope this clarifies things a bit. If you still have questions though.. fire away.
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