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after database error quick cache stopped working

Quick Cache Plugin. Speeds up WordPress®.

after database error quick cache stopped working

Postby ringen00 » August 10th, 2011, 1:58 pm

Ok, I've been searching this place for a solution but . . . nothing so far . . .

I was just testing around on my blog and suddenly the site started loading definitely slooower.

Now quick cache isn't willing to start working again:
In the end of the source there is no more quick cache lines to be found.

I have been using NextGen Gallery and NextGen Uploader.
It all seemed to go nicely until I uploaded a picture with firefox.

The upload failed and I received an error message.

I found out that the ID of the gallery (where it should be uploaded to)
(in the html tag of the page containing the upload field) didn't exist so far.

Since then it looks like quick cache is disturbed.
No wonder, isn't it supposed to cache the database.

And a wrong ID must give some struggle with the database . . .

Anyone here that can tell me if there is a chance that I can fix it so quick cache will start working again ?

Wordpress Multisite is up to date.
Apart from the mentioned plugins I was using the twenty eleven theme, facebook photo fetcher
and cdn linker.
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