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Bug: Dynamic Cache Pruning "None" not working

Quick Cache Plugin. Speeds up WordPress®.

Bug: Dynamic Cache Pruning "None" not working

Postby snorpa » January 16th, 2012, 6:27 am

I like how the Quick Cache plugin works. Very simple, very nice!

However, what I am trying to do is to show my non-logged-in users a completely cached site while I work on transitioning to a new theme behind the scenes. No matter what content changes I make, I want the user to see the previously cached version, without the cache resetting.

So I set the Dynamic Cache Pruning option to None and saved the options, but when I choose the None option, the plugin reverts to Single. Quick Cache is not accepting the None option after save. Thus when I change themes, the cache is reset. So I am unable to show a cached version to users while I work on the site.

Every Dynamic Cache Pruning option except None works properly. Perhaps there is an error in the code for the pulldown menu. I checked line 313 and couldn't see anything, though, so maybe the problem is elsewhere.

I am running WP 3.3.1 and Quick Cache Version 111203, Stable tag: 111203, Framework: WS-P-110523

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