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Custom Expiration Time for specific uri like home page?

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Custom Expiration Time for specific uri like home page?

Postby newcomer » May 13th, 2011, 10:54 am

HI, most of my blog posts/pages don't update so I set the Expiration Time for a month, but when some new posts publish then I need homepage to be refreshed. Does Dynamic Cache Pruning (Single + Front Page) help me with this?

(Help page said that : "Whenever you update a Post or a Page" - does it work with publish new post?)

And what are the "events" that trigger the cache pruning? (such as update a post/page, save a draft, change permanent link, publish new post, add new page, add new menu, delete a tag, delete a post and "scheduling posts for the future, Quick Cache seems to clear the cache on my homepage when creating the post but doesnt clear the cache when the post is actually published"......?)

If it does not work, can you add the feature set Custom Expiration Time for specific uri ?

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