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How to Integrate Registration in Theme?

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How to Integrate Registration in Theme?

Postby stabilus » May 7th, 2010, 10:36 am

Hi everyone,

This is my first time on this forum. So let me quickly introduce myself:
- Urs from Switzerland
- Running a web services company for small and medium sized companies
- just downloaded s2Member

I have been trying to integrate registration and login into the front end presenting new and existing users a themed front-end experience. Having said that authorized user are allowed in certain sections of the site and they need to be able to view and edit their profiles. So really just a basic "register, login, edit and protect" functionality that I have programmed several times manually using .asp (I know MS..., what can I say). Being rather new to WP also I figured there must be a good plugin that can handle that functionaity. I have tried many combinations of plug ins and none of them made me happy. Latest attempt was s2Member (although at this point I do not really need the PayPal funcitonality) and I have been able to integrate an edit page to change the profile with an iframe. That is not great but o.k.

But the registration is handled differently, it changes the template of the original login and allows for some customizations. But in the end it is not integrated in the front end. If I pack that registration page in an iframe also, the linking does not work properly (iframe in iframe in iframe...).

So, I was wondering whether there is some kind of way to achieve front end registration in combination with s2member. Or has anybody solved my task completely differently?

Best regards and thanks for reading.
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Re: How to Integrate Registration in Theme?

Postby Elizabeth » May 12th, 2010, 7:04 pm

Hi stabilus, thank you for pointing this out.

Taken from s2Member Quick Start Guide -> Your Login/Registration Form.
Code: Select all
s2Member uses the existing WordPress® Login/Registration system. This is the same Login/Registration Form that you use to access your WP® Dashboard. However, with s2Member installed, your Login/Registration forms can be customized. See: s2Member -> General Options -> Login/Registration Design. With s2Member installed, you can make the default Login/Registration forms, more presentable, for public access. Change the background color/image, your logo image, add Custom Fields, and more!

Since s2Member uses the default Login/Registration system for WordPress®, s2Member is also compatible with themes, and other plugins ( such as BuddyPress ). If your theme has a Login form built-in already, chances are, it's perfectly compatible with s2Member.

For your specific situation, you might want to build a login form into your theme, and have the form action point to wp-login.php. As for the registration form, you can take a similar approach.

I realize that the solution provided, may not be ideal for you. We are logging this as a feature request, and will consider adding additional capabilities, in a future version of s2Member.
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