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s2Member v110815

s2Member® Updates. Posted by Administrators & Support Reps.

s2Member v110815

Postby Cristián Lávaque » August 17th, 2011, 1:09 am

Big and small changes and additions in this new version of s2Member. We hope you like it!

Here's the changelog for this release of s2Member and s2Member Pro v110815. ... changelog/

* (s2Member/s2Member Pro) Independent Custom Capabilities. You can now sell one or more Custom Capabilities using Buy Now functionality, to "existing" Users/Members, regardless of which Membership Level they have on your site ( i.e. you could even sell Independent Custom Capabilities to Users at Membership Level #0, normally referred to as Free Subscribers, if you like ). So this is quite flexible. Independent Custom Capabilities do NOT rely on any specific Membership Level. That's why s2Member refers to these as Independent Custom Capabilities, because you can sell Capabilities this way, through Buy Now functionality, and the Customer's Membership Level Access, along with any existing paid Subscription they may already have with you, will remain completely unaffected. For further details, please check your Dashboard, under: s2Member -> PayPal® Buttons -> Capability (Buy Now) Buttons. Independent Custom Capabilities are currently integrated with PayPal® Standard Buttons, PayPal® Pro Forms, and Authorize.Net® Pro Forms only. Integration with other Payment Gateways supported by s2Member Pro will come in a future release.

* (s2Member) API Tracking. This release of s2Member introduces two new API Tracking methods, now making it possible to incorporate Tracking Codes ( i.e. affiliate program integrations, as one example ) for Signup Tracking, Modification Tracking (new), and also for Capability Tracking (new). For further details, please check your Dashboard, under: s2Member -> API Tracking. These new methods are ( in addition to ) s2Member's API Notifications, which remain available. s2Member's API Notifications are intended for more advanced tracking integrations, such as a 3rd-party call through an HTTP request.

* (s2Member) Bug fix / Multisite. s2Member's supplemental API Functions current_user_is(), current_user_is_not() and the ..for_blog() alternatives, were not properly considering Super Administators on a Multisite Network installation. On a Multisite Network, the WordPress $user->has_cap() routine returns true for anything passed in on a Super Administrator account, causing s2Member's user_is API Functions to return true for Super Administrators in some cases, when it really should NOT have been. Fixed in this release. If you need to use current_user_is() against a Super Administrator, the user_is API Functions introduced by s2Member will only return true in these special cases: current_user_is("super_administrator") and/or current_user_is("administrator"). Super Administrators should always have the administrator Role, for all Blogs in the Network, and s2Member will also consider the fake Role super_administrator ( unique to s2Member ) for cases when you need to test explicity for a Super Administrator. Actually, you could also just use the WordPress core function for this: is_super_admin() ( recommended ).

* (s2Member) Bug fix / Capabilities. When/if you require Custom Capabilities in order to view certain content sections on your site, s2Member was behaving properly in all cases, except for one specific scenario. When an Administrator of the site ( on a normal single-site installation of WordPress ), was attempting to test-view content protected with Custom Capabilities ( this scenario was causing a problem ). What was happening, is that s2Member was seeing that an Adminstrator did not have certain Custom Capabilities defined explicity in their account, and access was being denied ( that's actually, NOT right ). This was in conflict with the way that s2Member handles all other content protection routines with respect to Administrators. Administrators should automatically have access to all protected content, even if Custom Capabilities are not explicity defined in their account. After all, they are Administrators. In short, this release makes it possible for Administrators of a single-site WordPress installation, to have full access to all content; even when/if Custom Capabilities are required. This should help to prevent confusion for site owners just beginning to understand s2Member's functionality with respect to Custom Capabilities.

* (s2Member Pro) Bug fix / Coupon Codes. s2Member Pro Forms were failing to apply Coupon Codes properly in some cases. Whenever a Coupon Code eliminated all initial charges for a Trial Amount, s2Member was attempting to charge a zero dollar sale amount, under the right scenario. Fixed in this release.

* (s2Member) API Notifications. Starting with this release, s2Member's Payment Notifications are also triggered whenever a Buy Now purchase for Independent Custom Capabilities takes place (new). The documentation in your Dashboard has been updated. For further details, please see: s2Member -> API Notifications -> Payment Notifications.

* (s2Member/s2Member Pro) Cookies. Both s2Member and s2Member Pro now fully support the COOKIEPATH, SITECOOKIEPATH, and COOKIE_DOMAIN constants from the WordPress® core, making s2Member more secure on Multisite Networks, and improving compatibility overall for sites that use one or more of these PHP Constants in their /wp-config.php file.

* (s2Member Pro) UI Improvement / tabindex. s2Member Pro Forms have been updated to skip tab indexes on reCAPTCHA box controllers ( e.g. the three mundane buttons ) that are skipped over 99.9% of the time anyway. This allows Pro Form tab controls to jump immediately to the reCAPTCHA input field, if/when enabled by your Shortcode.

* (s2Member Pro) UI Improvement. s2Member\'s live feed inside your Dashboard, which is responsible for delivering updates that come from Lead Developer Jason Caldwell and s2Member Support Reps, has been improved in this release. You'll see this on the right-hand side of s2Member's UI panels, near the top.

* (s2Member/s2Member Pro) Capability Additions (Changed). In previous versions of s2Member, when generating a Payment Button/Form, it was possible to precede your list of Custom Capabilities with a + sign, indicating that you wish to (Add) new Custom Capabilities instead of (Resetting) a User's Capbilities to the ones you list. Starting with this release, (Add) is now the default behavior. In other words, the + sign is no longer required, because s2Member will automatically (Add) Capabilities to any that already exist for a particular User/Member, even without the + sign (no longer required). In addition, there is now a new directive available: -all. You may now precede your list of Custom Capabilities with -all, but only if you wish to (Remove/Reset) all Custom Capabilities, and then (Add) new ones. For example: -all,music,videos, would remove any existing Custom Capabilities that may or may not already exist for a particular User/Member, and then add: music,videos. There are additional examples provided by the Payment Button/Form Generators that come with s2Member. Please check your Dashboard if you'd like to learn more.

* (s2Member) Compatibility. s2Member's ability to modify the WordPress® Admin Bar for Users/Members has been updated to fully support WordPress® v3.2+. This feature now behaves as expected in the latest release. For further details, please check your Dashboard, under: s2Member -> General Options -> Profile Modifications. The Redirection option in that section, has the side effect of manipulating the Admin Bar across the top of your site ( if enabled ), making WordPress® behave properly.

* (s2Member Pro) Options Import/Export. s2Member Pro now makes it possible to export your s2Member options, in their entirety, and then import them into another instance of WordPress®. For further details, please check your Dashboard, under: s2Member -> Import/Export.

* (s2Member/s2Member Pro) Memory. Memory reporting is now added to log entries by s2Member.

* (s2Member/s2Member Pro) JavaScript. Minor optimization of s2Member's JavaScript routine.

We'll be in the forums. Let us know if you need help or want to tell us what you think.

Enjoy! :)

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Cristián Lávaque
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