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Custom wp-signup.php causing problems

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Custom wp-signup.php causing problems

Postby modifiedcontent » January 31st, 2012, 8:32 pm

S2Member is excellent. It tackles so many of Wordpress' shortcomings and seems to do a really solid job.

But I want still more control over the registration process, so I copied wp-signup.php code to a custom template/page, added a URL rewrite to htaccess and made a few other minor changes - fixed paths to required files, changed action="wp-signup.php" to action="". It works fine and opens a world of new customization possibilities.

Unfortunately it breaks some S2Member functions. Firstname, Lastname are not stored, Display name is not set, and the custom welcome email is ignored - registrants get WP's obnoxious 'Dear User' default email.

I understand I was asking for trouble and that this is not a tech support channel, but if anyone has any idea where the problem could be, please let me know.

Is it somehow hardcoded in S2Member that registration form data has to come from wp-signup.php?

Are there required S2Member files/functions that go missing when you move the wp-signup code?

Something else I could check?

FYI, I'm working on a fresh Wordpress 3.3.1 Multisite Blog Farm installation with no other plugins activated.
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Re: Custom wp-signup.php causing problems

Postby Raam Dev » February 2nd, 2012, 3:31 pm

Thank you for the KUDOS! :) Glad to hear you're enjoying s2Member.

The only pointers I can think of are to look through s2Member code for anything that hooks into the registration process and figure out what it does differently. Also, keep in mind that there's some JavaScript that s2Member includes on the registration page and it's set to only run when submitting the form from wp-login.php.

Finally, if you really want such control over the registration process, you should really consider using the Pro-Forms that come with s2Member Pro. That lets you put the registration process anywhere you want (and customize it using templates). You could use the Free Registration form that is included with the Pro Forms to essentially recreate the WordPress registration process but include all the Custom Fields you added and ensure compatibility with s2Member.
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