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Newbie: Question about protecting my digital product

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Newbie: Question about protecting my digital product

Postby loginname » February 3rd, 2012, 5:36 pm


I'm creating a site which have premium content, only those who have paid a one-time fee get access to that content. The site will have pay buttons from DigiResults, but in the bottom it's based on paypal

So what I want is that when the customer has paid his fee then an email should be sent to the customer containig his login details to get access to the premium content.

So thinks I don't understand is how to create the login details when user pays for a product. I could do a work around and create a simple user and give all paying users the same login details (but that is not a good approach - hope s2member have some features which solves this)

Also despite this is a one-time fee, I assume when I configure it in s2member I specify the pages in access level 1, right? Or should it be level 0? I don't want recurring payment on this site so maybe having it on level 0 is right? I'm not sure what is the beset approach here
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