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s2MemberPro - Buddypress Activity - Page Not Found

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s2MemberPro - Buddypress Activity - Page Not Found

Postby buck415 » February 3rd, 2012, 8:44 pm


Buddypress (current, default template)
Assigned recommended S2Member Pages: Membership Options, Login Options.


Restricted posts that appear in the Activity thread do not redirect to Membership Options page, but link to Page Not Found.


I have identified a category using WP ID, and entered and saved the category number here:

S2MemberPro > Restriction Options > Category Access Restrictions > Categories That Require Level #0 Or Higher > (the category #).

I created a post, set the Post Level Restriction to Require Level #0 or Higher, selected a restricted Level #0 or Higher category, published the post, and then viewed its summary in the Activity list.


When logged in as Level #0 user, click on the title of the post in the Activity thread. The link is automatically re-directed to the post.

When not logged in, click on the title of the post in the Activity thread. Link redirects to Page not Found.


(1a) Changed restricted S2Member post to unrestricted category.
(1b) When not logged in, post title in activity thread redirects to Page Not Found.

(2a) Changed post to no S2Member restrictions, unrestricted category.
(2b) Post title in activity thread opens to respective page.

(3a) Changed unrestricted post to restricted category.
(3b) Post title in activity thread opens to Page Not Found.

(4a) Scrolled to default Category list widget in sidebar, clicked on the respective restricted category.
(4b) Automatically redirected to Membership Options page.
System: Current versions of WordPress Multi Site / BuddyPress / BuddyPress ScholarPress Courseware / s2Member Pro
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